Revelation Puzzle Rooms: Toxic

Try to find the cure before the time is up! (Canberra)


Virtual Reality Rooms: Cosmos

A space themed VR game requiring lots of team work (Sydney)

Escape Rooms Canberra: House on the Hill

A mysterious illness has struck the town of Salem. There’s talk of witchcraft. You’re been sent into the House on the Hill to find out what’s going on. A fun and atmospheric experience. (Canberra)

Ultimate Roomscape: Kidnapped

Our first indoor escape room sees us kidnapped by ‘The Clowns’ and we have to escape before we get beheaded (Perth, WA)

Captivate: Elixir

A nice diversity of puzzles to solve while you discover what happened to Oscar Lee and his son that went missing. (Singapore)

Paniq Room: Supercell 117

You find yourselves in a cell handcuffed and blindfolded, with stifling smoke. You have no idea how you got there. One thing you know for sure: you have to get out in 60 min! Time is running out, and the guards are arriving soon. (Sydney)