Clock-Locked: Da Vinci

I’m been raving about escape rooms to my work mates, so while I was in town, I managed to convinced a number of them to join me on their first escape room. This was my 5th escape room (and my 3rd Sydney room).


From their website:

An elusive society plays with ancient powers and roams the Vatican City. A cardinal grows suspicious of his fellow cardinal, and has called upon your detective skills. You’ve been commissioned to discover his secrets and dark company he keeps.

There’s a need to use your wits, outsmart ancient smokes and mirrors. Can you unravel the truth before it’s too late?

The theming was fairly strong throughout the room. I particularly liked the use of the large hourglass to keep time. There was a strong storyline through out.

Game breakdown

We arrived at the venue but spent the first few minutes trying to work out how to get into the building (maybe it’s a warm up puzzle?). I managed to locate the phone number on the website. The friendly game host came down and escorted us to the reception area. We were given a briefing and the back story then let lose into the room.

This is a low tech mostly-logic puzzle room. I felt that the puzzles weren’t varied enough. Although there were a fair number of puzzles, a number of them felt similar to each other but I’m the kind of person that’s partial to a wide variety of puzzles, including mechanical and tech puzzles, and with physical elements. Some of the puzzles were quite tricky and even with hints, we struggled to solve one of the puzzles.

There is one particular set of puzzles that require quite a lot of physical dexterity. I don’t think many people could have done that bit easily and it doesn’t add anything extra – they could have achieved a similar effect with something more accessible.

Communications was through an iPad on the wall.

On the whole, my team thought it was ok, but it didn’t seem to spark the same level of joy that I’ve seen in other friends that we have introduced to the escape room concept. I didn’t enjoy this room very much but logic puzzle lovers will get a kick out of it.


  • Overall: 2.5/5
  • Fun: 2/5
  • Atmosphere: 3.5/5
  • Difficulty: 3.5/5
  • Creativity of puzzles: 2.5/5
  • Game duration: 60 minutes
  • Cost: $130 for the room
  • Team size: 2-6 people
  • Escaped ? No
  • Played: January 2016.

About Clock Locked

Clock Locked is based in Ultimo and is walking distance from the CBD. There are three different rooms but I’ve only tried one.

Where: Suite 101 Level 5 330 Wattle St, Ultimo, NSW 2007.

Website: Clock Locked


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