Captivate: Elixir

We tried this room as part of our day of Singaporean escape rooms. We had originally come across this room from Escaping.SG. This was our 26th escape room (and our 6th Singaporean one).


From their website:

Oscar Lee disappeared 50 years ago and his son vanished exactly 25 years later. As you explore you stumble upon a hidden room that hasn’t been opened for 25 years. Can you discover what happened to the missing people before you vanish too?

There was a good strong theme throughout the game, particularly in the first room. The props contributed to the feeling of an old apartment, which some lovely Asian furniture.  The second room felt a bit jarring (which it’s supposed to – but there’s one prop in particular that detracted from our experience).

Game breakdown

We arrived in the reception, popped our bags into the provided lockers and were then taken out and around to the part of the floor that contained this room. The game begins in a linear manner – there’s some nice signposting to get you going and you generally follow each clue to get to the next (although we got a bit out of the flow at one point).

There’s a great mix of puzzles in this game such as searching and matching, pattern identification, assembly of physical objects, decoding ciphers and more. There’s some hands on puzzles and some homemade ones (they tend to be my favourite type).

Hints are provided by waving your hands at the cameras and waiting for someone to come into the room. I’m never a fan of this type of system as we lost a number of minutes each time waiting for the host to come around from the reception area to our area of the building. I much prefer a walkie-talkie as it creates a more immersive experience.

Once you finish the game, I asked the game host to take a photo for us but I don’t think it’s something they offer unless you ask.

On the whole, we enjoyed the experience. Worth a visit.


  • Overall: 3.7/5
  • Fun: 3.5/5
  • Atmosphere: 3.5/5
  • Difficulty: 4/5 (with 2 adults)
  • Creativity of puzzles: 4/5
  • Game duration: 75 minutes
  • Cost: From $25/person (we got 10% off by paying with our AMEX)
  • Team size: 2 – 10 people (although I think a team of 4 is the ideal size for this game)
  • Escaped ? No – so close though!
  • Played: 14 September 2016.

Check out other reviews about this room from: Escaping.Sg.

About Captivate Escape Rooms

Captivate Escape Rooms is based in the Singapore Shopping Centre. You can catch the MRT to Dhoby Ghaut (Exit B). When you get there, take the lifts straight up to level 6. In terms of food, there’s some restaurants/cafes in the area or you can walk across the major road to the nearby shopping centres which have many food courts.

Where: Singapore Shopping Centre, #06-28, 190 Clemenceau Ave, Singapore

Website: Captivate Escape Rooms

Photo credit: Paniq Room


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