Dutch Food and Culture Festival Canberra: Pop-up escape room

We have been extremely quiet on our blog and that’s due to having a baby….who will be turning one soon! It has been exciting going through this new chapter of our lives, but it has meant that my favourite hobby has been put on hold while we learn to live with a new addition to our family.

When I heard that there would be a Pop-Up Escape Room at the Dutch Food and Culture Festival in Canberra, we just had to go visit and give it a go. This was our 32nd escape room (and my first pop-up one).


Being a pop-up escape room at a Dutch cultural festival, the theme was a Dutch Bric-a-brac museum. The story line is that you are at the museum and the goal is to steal an expensive bike. The police have been called and you have 20 minutes to steal the bike and escape.

Game breakdown

The game is a 20 minute game, run every 30 minutes. We purchased the tickets downstairs at a booth for a particular time slot. Each slot took 6 players – we got put in with two other couples. 10 minutes prior to the game starting, we waited at the designated spot.  We were taken to the entrance of the “Museum”, explained the rules of the game and given the instruction sheet. It was then all systems go!

The game had a number of puzzles that did not require a linear progression. Each puzzle matched to a code on the bike lock so teams could easily split up and tackle a puzzle. Puzzles were a mix of association and deduction, and one mechanical puzzle box. I liked how each puzzle was related to a particular Dutch cultural item – e.g. a traditional Dutch game called Sjoelen, Dutch biscuit tins, clogs etc.

We got four hints, which were available from the gamemaster (she was also the game designer) who was located in the room. We didn’t end up using the hints.

This was a fun pop-up escape room. The game designer said that this was her third pop-up escape room, with the previous two done for her children’s birthday parties. I thought it was a cute and fun way to learn about the Dutch culture. Well done to the pop-up escape room designer.


  • Overall: 3.3/5
  • Fun: 4/5
  • Atmosphere: 3/5 (hard to create a lot of atmosphere in a pop-up room)
  • Difficulty: 2.5/5 (with 6 adults)
  • Creativity of puzzles: 2/5
  • Game duration: 20 minutes
  • Cost: $5/person
  • Team size: 6 people (randomly placed together)
  • Escaped ? Yes
  • Played: 29 April 2018

About the Dutch Food and Cultural Festival

Website: Dutch Food and Cultural Festival Facebook page


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